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Who am I? 

I am a husband and father, veteran, a successful, self-made small businessman, and a dedicated volunteer.


I have been married to my wife, Nancy, for fifty years.  We have two adult children:  A daughter who is a high school teacher with a master’s degree and a son, a registered nurse, working in the emergency department of a large city VA hospital now confronting Covid-19 on a daily basis.  We have one granddaughter and a rescue Greyhound named Fred.


I am also a Navy Veteran who served in Vietnam.  My country called, I served.  Related to that service, I have diseases and conditions related to Agent Orange exposure.  I am thankful, however, to be able to access the federal VA healthcare system to address my disabilities, like other well-deserving Veterans.


I am a public high school graduate.  After my service in the Navy, I attended community college under the GI Bill from 1973-1975.  During my first two years on the Dean’s High Honor List, I was offered a full scholarship to Wesleyan University in Connecticut.  I had to decline as I was the sole provider for my young family of four.  There was a home, a mortgage and as a sole proprietor, I had a business to run.  Still, I am thankful for the opportunity the GI bill provided me and how it has helped so many Americans like me.


I started out in the construction trades.  I am a carpenter and have been a glass glazer, an apprentice plumber, an inspector of jet engine parts at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft.  


I am a successful, small businessman.  I began and operated a general residential and commercial remodeling business for twenty years.  The business grew from a single proprietor to a going concern with several employees.  The business morphed into a design-build construction company winning several awards for residential and commercial projects.  I was the President of the New Haven Chapter of the Remodeling Contractors Association.


While operating the remodeling/construction business, I held a real estate license and began to build a modest real estate portfolio of residential properties.  I was involved with partners in several condominium development projects.  Then, my wife and I began a community association management and maintenance business.  The business, at its peak, had twenty employees, forty client associations that were comprised of approximately $400 million in assets under management. We operated the business for twenty-two years until we sold it to retire.  During that time, I was on the State Board of Directors of the Community Associations Institute, Connecticut.


In 2018, after moving to Sebastian full time, I became active in politics.  I was a Precinct Captain for my Sebastian neighborhood and the Vice-Chair of the Indian River County Democratic Executive Committee.  I have been involved in several local, state, and federal office campaigns.  I am also keen on exercising my first amendment rights.  My wife and I have traveled the state to give voice to social justice issues. 


Vote for Al Griffiths, Florida House Seat 54.



Why am I running for Florida House Seat District 54?


There is much to do to improve the quality of life for our residents:  action on issues such as one-party rule, the environment, healthcare, education, women's rights, judicial reform, minority rights, wage inequality, gun safety, unemployment and the social safety net, immigration and the eroding infrastructure.  


There is a role for government intervention in each of these challenges facing all Floridians. I believe in the power of good government to take action in bettering our lives.


As my first stand in the Legislature, I will work to protect the reforms you voted for to restore returning citizens’ rights and allow for constitutional amendment referenda.  I would also ensure that business-friendly legislation is fairly and equitably balanced to benefit all citizens of Florida.  


Corruption in government must be investigated if there is even an appearance of impropriety.  I stand for facing facts, making science-based decisions, and always telling the truth.  I am very much opposed to injustice and inequality and will work to enact real reform for all Floridians.    


Running for office is the last thing I thought I would be doing at this time in my life, but Nancy and I both realized someone needed to step up.  Florida has suffered under Republican one-party representation for too long.  


The current State Representative’s extreme positions are in direct opposition to my own.  She does not represent the views of the people of Indian River County nor does not believe that good government can improve its citizens’ life chances.  Her NRA A+ report card and attacks on family values, women’s rights and the rights of our citizens to petition the state for change is an affront to our democratic principles. She uses her state position to force her moral values on the majority.  It has to stop.  


So I stepped up.


If not me, then who?  I am a doer.  It is who I am.


Vote for Al Griffiths, Florida House Seat 54.

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