The Environment and Natural Resources 

Donald Trump’s massive rollback of environmental regulations greatly affects Florida, a state
whose economy depends on its environment. Due to sea-level rise and the risk of Atlantic
hurricanes, Florida faces the highest risk for coastal flooding in the United States. Florida’s sea
level has risen 8 inches since 1950, and forecasts project that by 2032, the sea level will have
risen another 6 inches. That means that Indian River County beaches will continue to erode and
we must plan for it.

I support regulations to protect and manage natural resources in the public interest by
recognizing the interrelationship of air quality, energy, land use, waste management, and waste
resources. We must continue to phase out septic systems throughout the state. I support
legislation to ban oil and gas drilling off the coast of Florida. I support policies that help
mitigate climate change and that promote the preservation of freshwater through the
restoration and protection of our aquifers. I support state legislation to encourage energy
conservation and the use of renewable resources like solar, wind, and tidal power. I have solar
panels on my house that provide the energy to heat and cool my house and pool. We all should
do the right thing!






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